Horseback Riding

Balkan Mountains

Horseback riding in the Balkan Mountains region offers diverse opportunities in terms of routes and duration.The mountain towns of Apriltsi, Dryanovo, Troyan, Zheravna have their riding bases and organize trips in the mountains. The difficulty level differs. Talk to the guides to organize the most suitable ride.

Rila Mountains/Bachevo

Based inside the National Park in the foothills of the Rila mountains, the Bachevo Horse Riding Centre is an idyllic setting for stables. Novices can book a gentle one hour stroll through the forest with an experienced instructor who, if you wish, will lead your horse until you are confident to ride alone. For experienced horse riders, guides will take you up into the mountains, where you can ride as far as you wish along tree-lined tracks and through alpine-like meadows. Possible are also night rides to the famous Rila Monastery. Whatever your skill level, the fabulous views, splendid isolation and the sensation of being a small part of this vast landscape make this an unforgettable experience. On your return, the rustic bar perched above the river, between ancient beech trees is a great place for a drink to ease the saddle sores.

 Pirin Mountains

A tour from the town of Melnik to Rozhen Monastery. The trail will take you through amazing lanscapes including the famous sand pyramids .




Rodopi Mountains
Here you can find also numerous riding bases - in the town of Devin, Chepelare or village of Trigrad.



Prices for a one-day ride start from 30 Euro. 

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