Mountain Biking

Bulgaria offers a wide range of mountain biking routes from sites for beginners, to steep trails in the mountains and wild off road adventures in the countryside. 

Mountain Biking in Pirin Mountains / Bansko

They are tracks for everyone and there are no age limits. We offer you light and pleasant marches around Bansko Town and ridings to Dobrinishte Town and Bania Village where you can visit many beautiful places.


1.Bansko Town – Belica Village – bear’s refuge park – picnic – Bansko Town
explanation: asphalt-paved road

 2.Bansko Town – “P. Iavorov” Mountain hut – picnic – Bansko Town
explanation: climbing up and down – soil path.

3.Bansko Town – “Banderica” Mountain hut – picnic – Bansko Town
explanation: climbing up an asphalt-paved road – climbing down a forest path or ski track

Price: 30 Euro per person. The price include: guide, bicycle, helmet, insurance.


1.Bansko Town – Dobrinishte Village - “Konarevo” Peak – Bansko Town
explanation: climbing up the hill by jeep, climbing down – forest path.

2.Bansko Town – Dobrinishte Village – “Bezbog” Mountain-hostel – Bansko Town
explanation: Climbing up the hill by bus or a ski lift, climbing down- ski track, asphalt-paved road or dirty road

Price: 40 Euro per person. The price include: guide, bicycle, helmet, insurance. There is a possibility of hiring additional equipment (knee-pad, elbow-pad, back protector) or just a guide.

Mountain Biking in Rila Mountains

Rila is probably the Bulgarian mountain that has most biking routes. Ecological organizations aided the construction of more than 150 km of biking paths.
The region near the village of Govedartsi has the highest number of biking paths. Most of the roads demand some experience. It would be best to bike in groups since getting help in case of emergency would take some time.
Govedartsi offers sufficient number of accommodation opportunities. The trip from Sofia to Govedarsti lasts only one hour.
It would be best to go biking during the summer, since the mountain offers coolness even in the hottest days.

There you can try one or three days of guided mountain biking.

Experienced bikers prefer the path from Mousala hut to the resort of Borovets. This trip is long. Make sure to carry water and food. Mousala hut offers refreshments in case you have forgotten to bring some.
The descent is difficult to make and sometimes you might have to walk and carry the bike. Because of the difficulty, it is best to check all your equipment in advance and to take safety precautions. During the descent, you will pass near Tsarska Bistritsa palace.
Though nature in the region is beautiful, have in mind that the weather changes often.

The total length of the one-day route is 17.560 km. Medium slope at ascending 1.7 degrees or 3.78% /37.8 m per 1 km/
Difficulty category – medium.

The bike tour “The Seven Rila Lakes” is a three-day tour, with two nights accommodation, with a total length of 75.248 km and a group ascending of 1525 m.
Medium slope at ascending - 1.8 degrees or 4% /40 m per 1 km/
Start and end point of the route - 1140 meters above sea level. Highest point - 2323 meters above sea level or 1163 m out of level in total.
The highest point is “Bubreka” Lake (“The Kidney Lake”) – the fifth of the Seven Rila lakes – a unique circus with magnificent views and unique nature.
The whole tour is with support vehicle /Cross-country vehicles or pack horses/. This way the bikers have all their baggage available at the places for sleeping. Apart from the transporting of the baggage, it provides security in unexpected emergency situations and can optionally be used by the bikers.

Mountain Biking in Balkan Mountains / Troyan

The landforms in the Troyan Balkan mountain allow flexibility when choosing the right track. Mountain resort Beklemeto is a perfect starting point when we talk about mountain biking, since bikers can be dropped off at an altitude of 1500 m. above sea and then enjoy an awesome ride to the base of the mountain (1 000 m. vertical drop), along steep or gentle off-road tracks.

For more extreme riders there is a track on the southern side of the mountain, with a chairlift nearby, that takes you and your bike to the top of the track effortlessly.


Cycling in Rodopi Mountains

Rhodopi Mountains is the most extensive mountain range in Bulgaria. Due to its remoteness roads are with relatively little traffic and well-suited for cycling. The landscape is gentle and rounded, consisting of deep river gorges, numerous lakes and lovely coniferous woods.


Bikes can be hired from the villages of Smilyan, Yagodina, Momchilovtsi or the towns of Devin and Velingrad for a price of 15 Euro per day.







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